At South St. Louis Medical Associates, a St. Louis-based, internal medicine practice, we recognize that quality healthcare is a two-way street. The patient and physician are both responsible for the teamwork and communication to provide continual well being. That’s why we’ve created a practice that encourages proactive healthcare management — by putting patients first.

Our primary physician is Dr. Kamlesh Vyas, MD, along with Candace Laplant, FNP-C, and a team of friendly staff here to assist you.

Dr. Vyas’ well-rounded medical expertise and amiable personality allow for a cooperative, patient-centered practice.

P.S. We have relocated to 3824 Watson Rd., across the street.

As of April 15, 2024, Dr. Compton is no longer affiliated with South St. Louis Medical Associates. He has moved to Mercy Corporation, where he can be reached at 314-633-8690.

Dr. Kamlesh Vyas remains with South St. Louis Medical Associates.



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